About Al Salam University College

About the college

Al-Salam University College is one of the private colleges affiliated to the Department of Private University Education / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It was established in the academic year (2004/2005).

    1. Education is the most important pillar of the desired comprehensive change in the social, economic, cultural and urban structure. Since our Arab and Islamic societies, including the Iraqi society, need change, we must begin with human change, which is the basis of any change in society. Without that, the desired change will not occur in our societies.

    1. Education is a major national responsibility shouldered by the educational institutions that work in harmony with the rest of the national institutions, creating a modern state that is capable of facing major challenges.
  1. Al-Salam University College meets the needs of the community in terms of community leaders who are able to move it towards sophistication and prosperity and provide all institutions with faithful and aware cadres who are able to prepare a good generation and create a cultural atmosphere in a society characterized by good morals related to our ancient heritage that takes dialogue as a means of communication and interaction.
  2. Al-Salam University College aims to raise the level of university education to reach the ranks of universities in developed countries in scientific sobriety and to achieve qualitative leaps in the level of performance to reach international standards.
  3. Al-Salam University College aims to provide services to the Iraqi society in meeting the needs of the labor market for cadres capable of managing state institutions with scientific professionalism and honest honesty.

The path pursued by the college is full of accomplishments of innovations and sober in trusting relations with the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the one hand and with the community to take into account the causes of development and advancement on the other hand, and while it is keen to look forward, it always seeks to maintain its educational and national obligations in order to achieve proper performance And crowning this effort with leadership in medical, engineering, legal and administrative sciences nationally and internationally, the college seeks to achieve a number of goals, including:

  1. Preparing qualified and qualified human cadres with a bachelor’s degree in a number of cognitive specializations.
  2. Spreading the values of science and faith, civilized dialogue and the dissemination of civilized culture, And publishing solid scientific research and studies.
  3. Attracting qualified teaching staff and investing their expertise for scientific advancement.
  4. Developing youth energies through the establishment of rehabilitation and development courses
  5. Contribute to revitalizing the scientific research movement at the national and international levels.

Promote and exchange cultural relations between national and international educational and research institutions

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Custom buildings
Modern halls
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Custom buildings
Modern halls
Green spaces

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