The Department of Dentistry at the University College of Peace starts from a basic vision aimed at preparing a generation of qualified dentists who enable them to fill the shortage in the number of doctors and provide treatment services to various segments of society in our dear country, and we also seek to provide the appropriate academic climate to prepare dentists at a high level of efficiency in various dental specialties, enabling them to provide high-level treatment services comparable to the services provided in the finest specialized centers in the field of dentistry.

Leadership and excellence as a professional educational institution that works to qualify and graduate national manpower with a high degree of efficiency to supplement the labor market and to be a major source of applied research in support of the economic process and participation in social welfare.

Creating an integrated and advanced infrastructure that allows the number and graduate dentists who are able to provide the best medical services to the citizen
Preparing and preparing educational, technical and administrative cadres capable of adopting and applying quality standards and evaluating institutional performance in higher education and scientific research
Enhancing efforts aimed at developing health care services for citizens inside and outside the governorate
– To open up to the community with cultural health awareness programs in the field of dental care and oral diseases and to carry out research and field studies to identify health problems and priorities for community needs and propose appropriate solutions to them
Seeking to adopt educational and training programs that suit the specificity of the college and its geographical location and emphasize the ethics of the medical profession in dealing with the human being honored by God Almighty
Encourage initiatives and efforts to develop creative capabilities and excellence in medical education, research, healthcare and management in order to achieve the best results

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